Short Story Contest der EF September 2020

Im Rahmen der ersten Unterrichtsreihe „Teenage Dreams and Nightmares“ im Fach Englisch hat der EF GK1 eigene englische Kurzgeschichten geschrieben. Ausgewählte Texte und die Sieger des kursinternen Short Story Contest gibt es hier für Euch zum Nachlesen.

Enjoy reading!


F*** the rest of the world – by Leon Rexhepi


8 a.m.

Stormy stands at her locker between all the white people. She’s stressed out because of school and exams. All wear the same uniform. School is hard for her. The others look at her like she is a person not from this planet. It’s horrible.


It’s PE.

Today they play football. Brian knocks her on the ground. She sees black. Stormy opens her eyes and sees his face. Why does he look so good? She’d never recognized. He helps her to get on her feet. “Thanks” says Stormy. He apologizes.


It’s biology.

Karen and Penelope try to bully Stormy. ”You black ghetto trash,” says Penelope. ”How did this snitch get a place at this school?” asks Karen. “I don’t know how Penelope could be accepted at this school? I mean, I ask myself everyday when I see her ugly face.” “Bitch, what did you say?” shouts Penelope. ”Bitch, you heard right,” answers Stormy.


Brian comes in.

“Shut up!” he shouts to the crowd. The white girls sweetly say, “Thanks Briaann.” He answers, “I meant you both.” Stormy starts to laugh. He blinks to her and says, “I love your smile.” At this moment she just looks at his rings blinking.


The next day.

Stormy goes to him, to say thank you again. While he is talking, she looks at his lips moving. He recognizes and comes closer. She feels his breath on her face and smells his perfume. It rings. And when she wants to go to class, he grabs her and pulls her back to him.

That goddamn smile – by Nicole G.

It was almost pitch black, but she could still see a smile creeping up on the man’s face. Hewas tall and looking down on her.

A shiver ran down her spine. He was wearing anexpensive suit and a cologne that was probably worth more than her rent. Surprisinglyenough he seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place a name to that face.

Her wrists andankles were tied up with ropes and the skin was already bruising. She wanted to scream but her throat was dry. Well, she tried to, but no sound came out. There was blood drippingdown her neck and her dark hair was messy. Her white dress, which wasn’t really whiteanymore, was ripped and you could see blood and dirt stains. The lights were flickeringand the man was coming closer.

She really shouldn’t have gone into that alleyway. Buthow was she supposed to expect New York’s infamous serial killer to kidnap her? Herwhole body was trembling. This was it. This was her end. And the last thing she wassupposed to see was that goddamn smile. And everything went black.

Devil’s Night – by Chiara M.


The plan turned out the way he wanted it to. Everything was perfect. He had planned this for a while now and nobody seemed suspicious of what was happening.

A house burning in the middle of the night. Nobody gave a shit. Of course not, it was normal. It was… devil’s night.

He enjoyed watching the flames taking over the whole house, destroying everything. It filled him with pure happiness and he didn’t dare to look away.

He got lost in the beauty of the moment. This was all he ever dreamed of. A sharp pain brought him back into reality. He had scratched his wrist open earlier but it was worth it. He began to wonder… Would they ever find out?

He was a sweet guy, always greeting his neighbors, helping his friends at school and working at the local coffee shop. You would’ve loved him. He seemed so innocent; nobody would believe what he had done just a few moments ago.

Minutes passed… Minutes in which he just stood there watching the flames reaching into the sky. The quiet noises of wood turning into ashes combined with the silence of the night. The small breeze helped the spreading flames. It was perfect… The perfect crime.

It was kind of a tradition. The day before Halloween – teenagers were going around burning down old and abandoned houses in Detroit. The police didn’t care, they liked it. Less abandoned houses meant less places for criminals to hide or commit their crimes in. This house was different though… It wasn’t abandoned. It didn’t need to be burned down and yet it was getting consumed by the never stopping flames constantly getting fueled by the tall boy that had started the whole fire. A can full of gas in his right hand.

This house – his old home. It had caused him so much pain and chaos. No, it wasn’t the house that caused the pain.

It were the people living inside of it. His stepdad. He’d been getting in trouble with him every single day since his mother left them. It was such a messed-up situation but he decided to put an end to it.

He was so proud of his little plan. It was very easy. He recalled the events that took place an hour ago.

They were getting in another argument again and his stepfather was ready to hit him after he talked back to him for the third time today. That was when he ran upstairs and waited behind his door with a bat in his hand getting ready to knock his stepfather out. He stomped in the door and that was when he fell down from the bat hitting his head too hard. He eventually stopped breathing and that was when it all ended. It was a set-up, a payback for everything his stepfather had done. You wouldn’t understand…

His body would disappear in the ashes, never causing trouble ever again. The boy’s eyes started to fill with tears. He was happy. He was free. Yet he didn’t want to waste any more time thinking about what had happened earlier. He ran down the street eventually turning right into the forest. Everything was prepared. He could get away without anyone noticing. Honestly, he never felt so relieved before and the adrenaline shot through his veins. He spent another hour just running through the darker side of the forest knowing that he made it.

He successfully killed his stepfather.

Poisoning – by Amelie S.


They first saw each other in 5th grade. They are in a relationship since 6th grade. Now they are in 12th grade and still together. I’m in their class too and their best friend. My name is Clarissa and my friends Amy and Jace are a couple since forever and so sweet but I don’t think they will last any longer. “Let´s hang out after school.“, Jace says to me and Amy. We both agree but when Amy looks away, Jace blinks at me so I smile back but I’m not sure if I am supposed to. When Amy looks at us, she takes him with her to the next class. I go home because my school day is over.

In the evening Amy texts me how happy she and Jace are but Jace texts me a few minutes later and compliments me on what I wore today. I respond with “Thanks“. He reads it but doesn’t text anything back.

A few weeks pass and they are happy and don’t text me anymore - until Jace calls me and tells me that he loves me and not Amy. I’m really shocked about that but also, I´m kinda happy because Amy is always the girl everyone picks for everything. She’s always the prettiest and the one with the best grades and with that graceful figure.

I think maybe now it’s my turn and I´m gonna be honest now, I have feelings for Jace since Amy and him are in a relationship and so I think she won’t be that disappointed if I take this chance. The weekend after Jace and I make it official. Amy comes up to us and asks: “How could you do that to me, like we were best friends since forever and now you steal my boyfriend!?“ “Ex Boyfriend“, I correct her. She´s getting really upset and hits me so I hit her back. Jace steps between us and stops the fight. Later that day, I and Jace decide that we’re gonna poison her so she can’t get in our way or destroy our relationship. The next day, we bring her something to drink as an excuse but she is not happy with it. She still drinks it and a few seconds later she faints. Jace and I smile but scream “Help!“ so nobody thinks that we have something to do with it. A rescue team comes and brings her to hospital. After school we drive there to see if she’s dead or not.

The race – by Sandra S.

Tessa was standing at the starting line waiting for the starting sign. Tessa hoped that she would win this race, so that she could show her family, who did not believe in her and did not support her, how good she could ride a motorcycle and how happy she was while driving. Even if she was not supported by her own family. The only ones who support her, are her mother, father and brother.

She started as one of the three girls among 100 motorcyclists. Tessa and her boyfriend Luis were under the first ten. Everything seemed to be going well. But then, in front of Luis two bikers crashed together, the bikers were still alive but their bikes were completely destroyed. The parts were everywhere. But then Luis came up the curve, faster than actually wanted. He hadn‘t seen the motorcycle parts and slipped. A nightmare came true. Paramedics took Luis off the track und brought him to the next hospital as fast as they could. Tessa was third now and closer to her dream than ever before.

When she drove past the motorcycles, she had not suspected that it was Luis’s bike and he had fallen. She thought that it was Lucas’s bike and Lucas had fallen because he wasn’t as good a driver as Luis. While driving she thought that Luis could have been in this accident but rejected this thought and drove the race as well as she could. Then she passed Robin and was second.

In the last lap of the race, Tessa couldn’t believe that she passed Mick. There were just 50 meters left until the finish line and Tessa won the race. Her family stood next to her and could not believe that she won the race and was such a good driver and congratulated her. Tessa kissed her motorcycle because she was so happy. Then she recognized that Luis wasn’t next to her.

Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott -by David H.

It was a very sunny and nice day in Los Angeles. The two best friends Steve and Ricardo walk through the city together and want to have a good day. But Steve has a shopping bag already, he is very happy and looks at Ricardo. Ricardo asks irritatedly what he has bought. Steve shows him very proudly which shoes he has bought. It were “Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott”. Ricardo is really impressed, but also really jealous because he has wanted these shoes for three months, but does not have enough money. He just tells Steve that he finds them cool. After that Ricardo and Steve has a very good idea. They go to a Skatepark and Steve buys Ricardo a burger at Five Guys, he is very happy to have such a good friend like Ricardo. At 8pm Steve has to go home, they take a short cut through a little alley. Steve is very sad to go home, but he also very happy because of this beautiful day. He walks in front of Ricardo, but then at once Ricardo hits Steve with a glass bottle, takes the shoes and runs away.

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